The Weaving Process

The design is often based upon a photograph for inspiration amd involves making yarn wraps to select the colours and the order they are to appear, selecting a weave structure and designing the pattern.

The Design Process

The warp is either wound directly on to the sectional warp beam, or wound on a warping frame before being transferred to the lower back beam. Some more complicated designs have part of the warp put on each beam.

Warping the sectional warp beam A warp on the back beams

Each warp is threaded through a single heddle on the correct shaft according to the pattern design. Then all warps are threaded through the reed which maintains the correct cloth width.

Threading heddles Threading the reed

First a sample is woven, removed from the loom, washed and checked. After correcting any threading errors the fabric is then woven.

Sample of the Orchid Duet fabric Seaspray Diamonds2 scarf on the loom